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My First Orgasm English Sex Story

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My First Orgasm English Sex Story

My First Orgasm English Sex Story: Hi friends I am Anjeline (all the names used in my real story was changed for my sake) from Trivandrum “26 years old housewife” having degree in civil engineering married to Sanjai “a man who is so busy on his business and does not have enough time for sex”. So life went boring for me. I reached a point I was honey for 24 hours! He seldom comes home and sometimes at middle night due to work and our sex life was not interesting. Only rarely we make love and even during sex he was not making me happy. I had heard a lot about extra marital affairs and swapping of partners in magazine articles and gossips in kitty parties etc.

The thought of having fun from some guys other than my husband came to my mind strongly and arouse me sexually. I formed a friend circle through certain websites which includes some fantastic young guys and I used to have erotic chat with them. I became familiar with internet and know how to have time pass with net. Even though I never meet them, the experience of erotic chatting, sharing sex stories and erotic photos with them gives me some enjoyments.

Well for those who are interested I am 5′-4? tall and have reasonably maintained my figure of 34-24-35 all due to my daily morning jogging and exercises. I have short hair that reach just below my shoulders. My color is whitish and has a very fair smooth skin and beautiful face with a very attractive body structure which the boys used to call “hot and sexy”. I am quite fond of wearing skin-tight soft clothes, jeans and tight tops, see through sari with low-cut sleeveless blouse and I am very cautious about my appearance. It gives me great satisfaction to see men and guys looking at me and staring at my figure whenever I go out dressed up in style. 

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I have enjoyed reading many erotic stories mostly from boys who described about xxx. Today I want to share my own real experience to all you readers out here. This is to share my first sexual experience with a guy other than my husband. Also this was an unforgettable sweet incident happened in my life which I feel the real pleasure of climax for very first time in my life which I don’t get from my husband and even it from a young boy:- Even though I liked to be a non-working housewife, our financial condition forced me to take tuition. As I had bachelor degree in civil engineering, I decided to take tuition for diploma students within my home. I got five handsome guys for tuition as first batch. One of them was very rich and sexy guy named Anil age 19. Next was Santhosh 20 who had a well built body and from medium family. Others were Prasad 19, Arun 18 and Rajesh 17.

One Sunday I am having our purchases in a supermarket. I had worn a sari, little transparent. At the end of purchase I met my sexy guy Anil in that shop. He promised that he would drop me home. Since it was little rainy, I accepted his offer. On reaching my house the rain becomes heavy. He gave me a towel from his car and I cover my head and ran to my house. Then I thanked him and invited him for a cup of coffee for formality. He came into my house. Though my head was covered with towel, my sari and blouse get wet in heavy rain.

My boobs were exposed and nipples get erected as the blouse was wet. And my white stomach can be seen through wet transparent sari. My black bra was exposed through red blouse. He was also wet and his hairy chest was visible through white cotton shirt which make me mad and in mind I want him to seduce me. He came to me and said “I am looking beautiful in wet sari”. I got aroused by his words as I want him and also I already have dreams of fantasizes with him during my tuition hours as my husband was not satisfying me. I gave a sexy look at him. He realized my thirst for sex and suddenly he placed his hand on my smooth and white stomach. I wore the sari below my navel. I pretended to be frightened and tried to move. He caught me by my shoulder and removed the pin used to attach the pallu to the blouse.

He brushed his fingers on my shoulder and the pallu fell. “Wow” he said and tried to hug me. “Hey, what are you doing? I am married .let me go”. I said but he was least bothered. He kissed me on my neck, throat, cleavage, navel and was moving down. He tried to open my blouse. I wanted him really. He opens my blouse fully. “Wow what a sexy boobs” he said and I removed his shirt. I freed my hands and allow him into me. He was uncontrollable. He hugged me and unhooked my bra. My boobs jumped out and bounce like two sweet red melons. One hand moved down and unhooked my panty. I pulled him and took into my bedroom. We both fell into the bed. He squeezed my breast and then sucked them hard. I was getting aroused but the guilt was eating me. After sucking the breast he moved down and ripped my pussy. I was now totally nude for first time in front of a guy other than my husband. He pushed my thighs apart and kissed me on my slit. I got excited because my husband never kissed my pussy. Parting the two lips he licked me. I was beginning to enjoy.

I wished my husband to know these tricks of satisfying a woman. In a few seconds he stopped. I removed his jeans and take out his rod. It was big almost 9 inches and was very strong enough for every girl to enjoy. Anil moved on to me and kissed my breast. You are so soft and seem to be enjoying, he said before sucking my nipples. I could feel an unexplainable satisfaction as Anil’s hard rod touched the inside of my thigh. Anil knew every trick to seduce a woman. I was moaning as he sucked my clit and searched for other sensitive spots. Anil explored me a lot. He moved up to me and said you are too good, I’ll fuck you till you get climax.

Saying this Anil rammed into me and moved as deep he could. I twisted my head with pleasure as he lifted my hips and began his movements. After few strokes I could feel the pleasure build inside me. I moaned and made sounds and soon exploded with what I was told was an ultimate orgasm. This young boy Anil gave me the first climax which I don’t get from my husband. I was thrown into the sea of ultimate pleasure. He slowed down and was out. I thought it was over. But he restarts. He parted my slit again and chewed my clit. I was at the height of pleasure. He again entered me and moved slowly. He would move out and with force enter again. Each stroke of his was now send shivers in me. He would suddenly move vigorously and that slow down. Simultaneously he played with my breasts. I could feel the pleasure building up on both pussy and breast simultaneously. I wanted another orgasm. I moved when he paused for which he wanted to enjoy more. He started his pumping with all his! force.

I lift my hips to match his strokes. I shook and shivered soon with what was a powerful orgasm. He came soon emptying himself deep into me and collapsing on me. I knew I had committed a sin but was at the same time happy that I had a greatest sex of my life, which would never come to me from my husband. Through my student Anil, I learnt a lot. He gave me the first climax and also he gave me it twice to have a double climax. This was I thought that “the maximum pleasure a woman can have from a guy”. After this first experience, I got another chance for a gangbang on Anil’s birthday during which all were conscious and fucked me properly and I enjoyed a lot. Wait for my next mail about that group sex experience…

My First Orgasm English Sex Story


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