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Ava finally got the house to herself after her step mom left so she invited her boyfriend over. They have to sneak around since the step mom Samantha is so strict. Michael started going through some drawers while he was waiting for Ava to get back from the kitchen when he found a strap on. She freaked out and told him to put it away before Samantha got back. She chased him into the living room where he threw aside and started fooling around. After a few minutes of them having sex her step mom opened the door and spoted them. She was shocked but did not let them know she was there. She watched for a bit then really let them have it. She started screaming at Ava about being a slut and then she spotted her strap on. After she saw that she had to teach them a lesson. She grabbed Ava and showed her to suck his dick and to show her how much of a slut she was. Samantha then pushed her out of the way to show her how a real pro does it. Ava was not too happy at first but she warmed up after Samantha started eating her out and pounding her with the strap on. You dont want to miss the hot action this dirty step mom gets them into. It is super hot!

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