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How I made my penis 3.5 cm bigger and erection stronger in 5 days

How I made my penis 3 5 cm bigger and erection stronger in 5 days

How I made my penis 3.5 cm bigger and erection stronger in 5 days

How I made my penis 3.5 cm bigger and erection stronger in 5 days : Hello, everybody. First of all, let me apologize I haven’t been updating this blog. I had good reasons for that... Today I will tell you my story about how I enlarged my penis by 3.5 cm in only 5 days! Let me emphasize from the very beginning that the product XTRA MAN is completely harmless for your health, which very important. Stop chuckling:)

I found this “self respect” gel by pure accident. I actually have quite a normal size - 15 cm. This is certainly not outstanding, but since the chicks did not seem to complain about my size, why should I bother? But still, I’d had enough problems in bed. Erection was basically OK, rather stable (but not as iron as it is now, surely), but I used to come literally in a minute, chicks didn’t even have time to feel anything! So I decided to try. Besides, extra 2-3 cm wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? ;).

So I made a purchase and a few days later I got the package with this gel. Once I paid for it (its price was not a big deal for my budget), I hope that it would bring me the desired result. So, from that day on, I began to apply it.

To be honest with you, at first I did not really believe in the express results as advertised on their website. But two days later I realized that I was wrong...

Following the recommendations of the experts, I felt changes happening inside me. After 5 days of using XTRA MAN I decided to measure up my cock, I was hoping to gain at least half centimetre... When I looked at the measuring tape, I literally froze... My penis has grown 3.5 cm! In 5 days! I was jumping with joy... I was so thrilled and couldn’t calm down for quite a few days.

Of course I kept applying the gel, I am sure I haven’t reached my limit yet! XTRA MAN extended my time in bed making my erection last until she begs me to stop:). With my new big bolt I already f… three chicks, and it was for the first time that I was so much complemented for the performance of my buddy;). The only regret is that I gave them my phone number and now they keep ringing me up. I already want something new.

As you could guess, I have never regretted the purchase of the XTRA MAN. I really like that its effect is practically instantaneous. I don’t care about money as long as the result is there and lasts. I am sure it will. I am not used to waist money for rubbish and I can tell you, this spending was worth it... I recommend it to all, especially to those whose pants are not tight under the belt. 2-3 extra cm aren’t going to do any harm to those who have an average sized one too. Believe my experience;)

For those who want to know, I ordered the product XTRA MAN here the price is a movie ticket for 2. You decide whether it’s too little or too much. I think this course should be sold 10 times more expensive. It’s absolutely worth it and pays off at 100%.

PS: just in case, the parcel doesn’t have any product description on it, all is confidential;

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194 comments on How I made my penis 3.5 cm bigger and erection stronger in 5 days :

Wow, Cool. I am jealous... Will have to buy it too =)) for my penis .
24.06.2017 |

Thanks Tim, yesterday I picked up my parcel from the post office, all is good. I have already started to use it to my penis .
24.06.2017 |

My brother who lives in the US says it’s a VERY popular penis enlargement gel over there. They swear by it. i wil use that product on my penis .
25.06.2017 |

Hello Tim: Impressive! Well done! I am gonna order it for my man!
25.06.2017 |

I apply it for the 6th day. My penis got 4 cm LARGER! I can fuck for hours now and I don’t even get tired! Damn thank you, bro!

25.06.2017 |

Hi Tim! I purchased it to. I will give it as BD present to my hubby instead of something useless, right?
26.06.2017 |

Terrific, well done Tim! The quality of sex really improved!! But my penis has grown 0.8 cm so far. May be I should start rubbing with it every day?
26.06.2017 |

Hello there! My husband is too shy to order). I ordered for him. After 8 days his penis became 2 cm bigger. And he’s become much more energetic in bed. Thank you!
26.06.2017 |

I apply it for one week. XTRA MAN is super duper. So far +6.5 cm.

27.06.2017 |

Bought it, liked it! Thanks
27.06.2017 |

I also heard about this stuff. I bought mine in Turkey though, a long time ago. I recommend (+ 6 cm, hush hush:)).
27.06.2017 |

A working method. I’ve been looking very closely into it.

It helped to increase mine by 4cm then it stopped)

28.06.2017 |

Just found the notice in my mailbox. Will go and pick it up. I’ll let you know later…
28.06.2017 |

Guys, I strongly recommend you to try it! Mine has increased by 2.5 cm in 6 days! My girlfriend loves it!
28.06.2017 |

I also heard about it. My husband uses it in the mornings and evenings At least + 5cm:D
28.06.2017 |

What can I say! Good on you! Waiting for my parcel, already ordered.
28.06.2017 |

I think it is better for penis size enlargement .
28.06.2017 |

I purchased the gel yesterday for my penis . Their manager called me back to make sure everything will work fine for my penis . Now I am waiting for the package after then i will apply them on my penis ...
28.06.2017 |

This is not news about penis . Everyone knows about this method of penis enlargment . And those who don’t apparently don’t seek to enlarge their penis.
29.06.2017 |

My small penis going big cock Thanks for the article. Well done! Impressive. I am going to buy it now.
29.06.2017 |

Just what we need! I will order it for my husband right now) my penis getting big
29.06.2017 |

This gel has been quite successfully used for a long time overseas… As usual we are the last one to find out about things... my penis going rock
29.06.2017 |


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