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7 Facts About Sex Women Wish Men Knew about Sex

7 Facts About Sex Women Wish Men Knew about Sex : It’s a well-acknowledged fact that it’s much harder for women to get sexually satisfied than it is for men. Fortunately or unfortunately, mother-nature decided to embellish female bodies with a more complicated physicality (well, mainly because of their ability to give birth).You May Also Like This Post >> 10 Sex Tips that Will Change Your Bedroom Game

At times it seems that women are playing hard to get in bed as if they were trying to appear more demanding just for the sake of an image. However, it’s actually harder for them to get to the highest point of excitement. And while this fact is a popular one, there’s still a lot of things women want men to learn about sex.

We asked out kind friends from to help us gather this list and we were surprised by the ignorance of modern men! So, here’s how it goes:

7 Facts About Sex Women Wish Men Knew about Sex

7 Facts About Sex Women Wish Men Knew About Sex


Fact No. 1 Women want sex as much as guys do: There’s this popular belief that men are hornier than women are. And it’s oh so far from the truth. And while men have a very peculiar psychological mechanism that allows them to become sexually aroused and calm themselves down in a matter of seconds, women struggle with sexual excitement because relieving it is a more complicated task as it may appear. So who’s the sex boss here?


Fact No. 2 There are more positions than that: So, missionary again, eh? Oh, doggy-style, why not? You want her to ride you today? It’s a great idea to google the heck out of this question or just watch some porn clips to find out that there are like thousands of sex positions that can enliven your bedroom game and make your girl happier. Don’t be lazy! You May Like This >> सेक्स क्रिया में अधिक आनन्द लेने के तरीके – यदि पत्नी की योनि शुष्क हो जाए तो लिंग को योनि में प्रवेश करने में दिक्कत आती है और घर्षण करना भी मुश्किल हो जाता है Hindi Sex Tips

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Fact No. 3 Foreplay is not a burden: We are not going to talk about men skipping the foreplay entirely. Their sex life is a mess. Nonetheless, those who pay some attention to this beautiful part of sex life often do it disturbingly fast and as if they made someone a favor. Don’t be that guy!


Fact No. 4 Don’t send pics they don’t ask for: Sexting or even Snapchat sexting (yeah, you get it right) are popular concepts nowadays. Women have nothing against it, as you might have guessed. However, it works much better when they expect to see the pic of your weenie. On the contrary, when the pic is a surprise, you risk never getting a response from her.


Fact No. 5 Women don’t mind having anal sex: Well, a fair share of them, at least. It’s just that they expect you to be careful and thoughtful when it gets to it. In most cases, it will be a much bigger pleasure for a man than for a woman when having anal sex, and you have to understand that some of them go for this “generous” gesture just to make you feel happy, often expecting nothing more than appreciation in return. Why not give it to your honey?


Fact No. 6 Sex isn’t over right after your orgasm: Men often assume the entire thing is over when they have an orgasm as if women had to deal with their bodies on their own. Just imagine how offensive it is to women! It doesn’t mean that you have to be solely responsible for your girlfriend reaching the peak, but helping her, making her feel wanted even after you get where you headed to is a must. Sex is a dance for two!


Fact No. 7 Porn is a form of art: It means that almost all you can see on the screen is acted and somewhat scripted (if this word can be applied in this case). Women don’t scream and moan that loud on a daily basis; having two penises inside of them may become a reason for great pain, not a source of incredible pleasure. Some practices from porn videos can totally be implemented in your sex. But it takes some practice and patience! You May Also Like This >> Free Adult Websites Link Exchange Service – List Of Our Media Partners

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