Fucked By a Dirty Beggar and Worker in Train English Sex Story

I Fucked By a Dirty Beggar and Worker in Train XXX English 18+ Sex Story Free Read Online and Share This English Sex Story With Your Friends and Famely :- Hi Friends I am Tanvi. I am here to narrate my real life experience which happened me in a train journey (Excuse me for my English in this story) .I am engineer by profession and a keen reader of www.indiansexbazar.com 18+ adult porn tube website. It is evident that we all have some kind of sexual experience which does not fit the normal criteria. I have born in Delhi and belong to upper middle class family. When I was 8 years old I was sexually abuse by my cousin.

I was unaware of such things and he took advantage of my innocence in absence of my parents. Later when I was in 6th class that cousin tried to touch my boobs in a party but i immediately run off towards my parents to escape this unwelcome gesture. Later he apologized to me for what he did when i was a child and this incident. I have only some faint memory of what he did when I was a child but in one incident he licked my soft vagina and made me lick his dick.

Fucked By a Dirty Beggar and Worker in Train English Sex Story


He also masturbated in front of me but as far as I know, I was not penetrated by him.So that was about childhood. But this abuse has deep impacted my sexual behavior and my nature. I have a tendency to flirt with guys and i have abnormal sexual fantasies. I have never expressed my fantasy to anyone except my bf and he is indifferent about them. Later when i was in 12th class i got a new mobile phone “Apple iPhone 15 Pro” and in which i opened messenger as a curiosity to explore new Apple iPhone 15 Pro mobile and its functionality.

In chat room i met with an uncle who asked my number and i gave it to them. We used to talk on phone when i used to travel in bus to go to my coaching. Initially we talked normally but one day he asked whether i want to have sex chat with him. I didn’t knew what it is but i readily accepted to have sex chat. He then asked to lock the room and remove my clothes. In short on that day i inserted my finger into my vagina.

I liked it but i didn’t want to do this. So that was the first and last time i inserted finger inside my rose to acquire sexual pleasure. i college i used to talk to guys in yahoo chat rooms and talk about sex and their sexual fantasies. Till in 2nd yr. i didn’t had sex with anyone. But after that i met with my bf and we used to have sex a lot. Each month we used to stay in hotel for 5-6 days and fulfill our desire and all kinds of sexual fantasies. Some fantasies like drinking each other’s pee was most weird but i liked it.

These entire incidents had quite a deep impact on me and my sexual behavior. I was getting bored with my bf and new desires were coming in my mind. Now coming to this incident which is true and very thrilling and adventurous. I am in love with my bf and still i am but i have always desired to have sex with another person in front of him. We used to share our fantasies and he is the one who asked me whether i like to have sex with another person in front of me.

I said nothing but i understood that we both want same thing. And our fantasies become true on this incident. We were both in Delhi on internship and in the same company. We though to go to Kashmir ie to Jammu and further. We made our plan in hurry and we didn’t have much opportunity to make a reservation. We decided to go without reservation. I was month of December and winter was hard. It was 9 pm and we were waiting for our train. I was very excited about this plan because i didn’t have sex for two month because i was living in my house and didn’t have opportunity to meet my bf in hotel.

I want to tell you that my college is in Jaipur and his college is also in Jaipur and we used to have sex each month a lot of time in Jaipur. But somehow i got permission to go to Jammu from my parent citing that i going with girls group. So all set and our train arrived. We both rushed to general compartment to find seat but each compartment was full with passengers. Even we were not able to enter into compartment. Everywhere people were lying. On the floor and even in the toilet people were sitting. I have to beg to people to give us some space to sit.

The problem was that they people were all worker class and some of them were beggars and were lying on the seats and refused to give even inch of space. Finally we decided to stand until find some space. I was wearing very sexy outfits on my beautiful body because i was with my bf and were on sort of honeymoon. I was wearing a jacket and inside it a shirt and a jeans. I was winter time and our train was going through woods so cold was unbearable that i have imagined.

It was a direct train to Jammu with few stops only and co passengers were closed the gates so that no more people can enter in this already stuffed coach. Here i want to give my description to you. I was then 22 yr and my figure was 32b-26-36. It was raining at station so my jacket was little soaked with water and i was feeling very cold. We found it better to stand rather than beg to people for seat. But fortunately a beggar who was lying on the whole birth decided to give some portion so that i can sit on it.

My bf asked me to sit on it and he was standing. Later he also found some space on upper seat and he sit there. His seat was upper but in front of me and he can watch me from there. I was on the beggar’s seat. The beggar was Bihari with long dirty hairs and stinking smell. Hind hands were black altogether and it seemed like he was a trash collector. I found it very uncomfortable to sit near him. arket in the morning and lot of places so i was also tired and wanted to rest.

I slowly tried to make some more space on the seat and to unfold my legs. But the dirty beggar didn’t wanted and he kept pushing me. Later some passenger switched of the lights so that no new passenger can look inside for finding a seat. I was shivering with cold. I don’t know how but beggar realized that i was feeling cold and he gave more space to me and also offered his blanket. But i refused. I tried looking for my boyfriend (Hari) and found him on upper seat and he was awake.

Hari asked whether i am comfortable and i shook my head in affirmative tone. There were very dim lights in coach and it was impossible to detect slight movements. I tried to sleep but i was feeling very cold. I asked that beggar whether he is having another blanket or not. He said no but again offered me his blanket. I hesitantly accepted his offer due to bitter cold. Before entering in his blanket he asked me to remove my jacket because it was all soaked in water. Now he permitted me to enter in his blanket which was quite new and not dirty.

He might have received it in any donation campaigns. He also offered me his half seat. It was very bitter for me to sleep in this beggar’s blanket. He was lying on the seat and i was sitting on the seat such that his legs were touching my right waist. He was making quite movements but i ignored them. Later he waked up to go to toilet. When he returned i had chance to look at him. He was tall and wearing dirty clothes. His hairs were long and full of dirt. He was wearing a old filthy pant and tear off shirt on his body.

His beard was also very big and dirty as if he didn’t shave it for a month. He told me that now he is going to sit and i can lie on the seat. He sat on window side and i was lying in his blanket with my legs towards him. The blanket gave me a lot opportunity to warm my sexy body and now i was progressing towards sleep. I don’t know when i slept but suddenly i woken up. I found that the beggar’s hands were caressing my legs. I ignored it thinking that i might be a coincident and tried to sleep again. But the beggar didn’t stop.

Next when i woke up his hand was on my waist. His cold hand pinched like needle to me. He was not making any movement and just rested his hand on my bare waist under my shirt. I was disgusted about this but said nothing as i was feared that he might snatch his blanket if i will say something to him. Sighting no movement i went to sleep again. Next time i woke up i found his hand on my stomach. And it was continuously moving it around my navel. He decided to protest, and waited for the right time.

There was no woman in the coach and only males with low level and drunk. I feared at that time that i might be raped by them. I kept silent but to stop the dirty beggar i turned so that he cannot touch my navel. But to my surprise he didn’t stopped. He started touching my back under my shirt. His hand was rough and it was caressing my soft back and waist. I decided to let him continue with this dirty thing because it was harmless. I was become indifferent at his movements. Partially i liked this caressing.

He slightly bend and tried to lay besides me but didn’t able to do so. Then he started touch my ass over the jeans. I gave no attention. And after some time his hand movements stopped. I took a sigh and now turned upside. After 5 minutes he started inserting his hand in my shirt again. He also started unbuttoning my shirt. Suddenly his hands were inside my shirt and in next second in my sexy bra. I was surprised by his quick movement and tried to wake up and stop him but his rough hands were touching my boobs and i felt like a heaven to me.

I was already excited about this trip and now a dirty beggar is giving me sexual pleasure by his hand. I tried imagining that i am with Hari and not with a dirty beggar. And every shyness and fear gone away. I didn’t resist and pretended to be slept. Beggar thought that i am in sound sleep and he unbuttoned my entire shirt. Next moment he was lying beside me on the same birth. He pulled down straps of my pink bra.

In response i turned myself towards his face and pretended to be slept. He became more bold and removed bra strip of other side too. Now my big bare boobs, soft juicy boobs were in front of him. He touches them with curiosity and then started pressing them. He drew me near him and kissed me on my sexy lips. His lips felt hard. Stinking smell of alcohol and sweat gave me some different kind of excitement. It felt like ecstasy. I was ready to give my boobs to him. He started sucking my one boob and pressing other one. I started to moan.