Free English Sex Story A Naughty Day of Peeing English Font Sex Stories : Today was amazing, I had a very naughty day of peeing. It all started this morning when I did a Google search for sex stories and I came upon a site that had fetish sex stories, there I found a list of stories about peeing in naughty places. I was instantly turned on by the stories and soon I also wanted to pee. ( Free English Sex Stories In English Font & Erotic Stories ) You May Like This >> On Anniversary I Fucked My Hot Wife In Doggy Style English Sex Story

I got up to go to the toilet as I normally do but then I stopped, I had been inspired by the stories I read and decided to hold my pee until it was unbearable then find somewhere naughty to relive myself. I continued reading and got extremely horny just thinking about what I planned to do. The pee was starting to get unbearable but I was so horny so I decided I would play with my pussy and cum before I went off to my pee exploits.

My hand traveled downwards and in my panties until I felt my pussy warm and wet. I passed my finger over my clit and shuddered with excitement. I continued rubbing my clit vigorously and I pushed two fingers in my wet cunt with the third still flicking my clit. Soon enough I felt an intense wave of pleasure wash over me… I was cuming. My body shook and my pussy muscles convulsed around my fingers and I rode the wave of orgasmic bliss.

Free English Sex Story A Naughty Day of Peeing English Font Sex Stories

Free English Sex Story A Naughty Day Of Peeing

As I came a little bit of pee squirted out of my pussy and sprayed all over my keyboard. After I regained myself I got up to look for somewhere to pee. Unfortunately I was not home alone today, my sister was home with me so I couldn’t just strip off my clothes anywhere and let loose hot stream. The only place I could think of going was right back into the toilet, however I decided I was going to pee standing up.

So off I went to the toilet. I locked the door behind me and stepped out of my panties then I pulled my skirt up over my hips. I positioned myself over the toilet bowl with me legs wide then I spread my pussy lips and waited for the pee to come. Soon enough I felt the pee traveling down towards my pussy lips and then a long stream of hot golden pee came shooting out of my pussy. It was so amazing to watch myself pee. You May Like This >> I Fuck My Hot Mother In Bedroom XXX English Sex Story

I immediately got horny all over again and willed myself to pee more. I pushed my pelvic muscles forward forcing more pee to gush out of my pussy. As I neared the end of my pee I felt myself close to orgasm again so I quickly put my foot up on the toilet bowl and put my fingers back in my love hole. I fucked myself vigorously… in and out, in and out until my body rocked with orgasm. ( Free English Sex Stories In English Font & Erotic Stories )

After I came I cleaned up myself and went back to my room to go back on the erotic site. I kept drinking water with hopes of having a little more fun. Soon my mom came home and my fun was over for a while. All the while I was fantasizing about peeing all over the place and came up with an idea to pee outside in the yard. The way my house is made up to get to the front yard you have to leave the living room and open the door. You May Like This >> 18+ Amit bhadanas girlfriend Riya Mavi Hot and Sexy

Outside the door is a gate so that way you can leave the door open without anyone just walking into your house so I thought about opening the door and peeing from inside to outside of the gate. It was such a sexy thought I felt my pussy quiver and get soaked. The only problem I had was the front yard is directly in view of the road and I was worried that someone may see me. Eventually the thought of peeing outside left my head because I always wanted to pee outside but never had the guts to do it and I didn’t think this time would be any different.

Later that night while I was on my computer still reading about the exploits of naughty co-workers who pee all over the office I decided to find somewhere to pee. So I went to the kitchen and walked around looking for somewhere to pee. Eventually I decided to pee on the kitchen floor so I stood between the cream colored cabinet and the kitchen, spread my pussy lips and let out a stream of pee. You May Like This >> English Sex Story  Son fucked Mom ass Son And Mother Sex

I stopped it short because I wanted to pee somewhere else. I looked over to my left and saw the sink. I went over to the sink and decided to pee in it. So I hoisted myself up and stood on the kitchen counter. Again I spread my pussy lips and let out another stream of hot piss into the sink. Once again I stopped my pee short, I was getting so turned on by what I was doing I wanted it to last as long as possible. This time I decided to take a piss in one of the potted plants my mom had inside. It was so sexy peeing all over the house.

I had more pee but I didn’t want to pee to much in the house so I stopped with intentions of finishing in the toilet but after getting so excited from peeing all over the kitchen I couldn’t bear to end it sitting on the toilet or standing next to it for that matter but I didn’t know where to go. Eventually I decided on the living room, I was going to pee on the couch but on my way I saw the front door and I felt a wave of excitement wash over me.

I was thinking of really peeing outside. I opened the door and peered outside. The coast was clear but I hesitated and closed the door. I walked off but the excitement of what I could do and how sexy and liberating it would be kept pulling me back. Eventually I couldn’t resist and I went back and opened the door. ( Free English Sex Stories In English Font & Erotic Stories )

I looked out, the coast was clear. I spread my pussy lips but the pee refused to come out. I tried forcing it out but I was so nervous that it wasn’t coming. I calmed my self down by taking a deep breath and then I felt a hot sensation as the pee exploded from between my pussy lips. My pee hole opened wider and the gush increased. My pee splashed on the concrete in the yard almost sounding like rain or an open pipe pouring on to the concrete. Eventually the flow decreased and stopped.

It was so exhilarating being exposed for the world to see and feeling the cool night breeze blow on my pussy. I rubbed my clit and frigged myself to orgasm with not a care in the world of who saw me. Free English Sex Story A Naughty Day of Peeing. Candy Erotic, Cum, Erotic, Erotic Stories, Fetish, Juicy Erotic, Orgasm, Pee, Peeing Outdoors, Piss Play, Pissing, Pussy, Seduction XO, Sex, Urine. You May Like This >> Fucking Mom in Forest Sex With Mom English Sex Stories