My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission First Sex Experience

My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission First Sex Experience

My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission First Sex Experience

My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission First Sex Experience : Hi Sumana once again to you with an experience of sex first time in life. Your response on my first story in KE “One rainy evening makes heaven” makes me so happy and I got so many mail which makes me proud, and I got new friends also. Your love brings me to write story again. In our house we were my mother, mu uncle & aunt, I lost my father when I was 7. Now I am 18 yrs. My uncle got married, my aunt is around 20 yrs and my uncle is around 26 years. My aunt was very free to me, we were just friend.

She told me all the secret of their life. My uncle was a very strong and too much sex oriented person, each and every night he fucked aunt vigorously 2-3 times at least, which was intolerable to her, but she has to obey. Her figure was also not attractive, her bobs were very tiny, so my uncle was un happy with her. During the days of period, he fucked her, some time she became senseless. He like to watch blue film every night.

By profession he was mathematics teacher. My mother also was an working lady. So all the day my aunt alone pass the day. As and when she got chance she come to me and said all the things. In holy days uncle like to do sex all the day. They have no kid. Suddenly from the mother house of aunt, a message came that her mother seriously ill, so she went to her mother house, it was summer vacation, so myself and my uncle remain at home in day time.

In the next day, after lunch I entered to uncle’s room for a solution of mathematic, I observe that he was watching some movie, actually it was blue film, realizing that I turned out, Uncle asked me what happened? I replied nothing, one math problem, ok in later I shall discuss with you. He told no no come here, he mute the voice, and taking my copy he solved the problem. My eyes wandering the movie, the scene of fucking.

He smiled and asked do you like to see blue film? I replied no and ran out. He came out behind me, and entered in my room and asked what happened? You are now adult one you should not shy, it is a natural game, I know your aunt used to tell you all the secret, why you are scared for it? Come on baby and get enjoy. Telling this he lifted me in his strong arm and entered in his room, and laid me in his bed.

That time in movie one girl was licking a dick, My uncle told me that Mana, today you and me only at home, your mother will returned not before 7PM, it is now 1.15Pm. If feel bad I promised to you, I shall not do any thing. Telling this he had taken my two feet in his palm, and kissed them. Now slowly he was going upward, he licked my feet fingers and gone up to my thigh and then in my naval planted a deep kiss then he kissed in my forehead, and in two eyes, in lip, taken my lower lip in his mouth and sucked my saliva.

Now slowly he removes my top, now I’m in bra only. My boobs are really big, seeing these he made a sound wao what size these are. Actually I’m always feel proud due to my big boobs which are now first time displayed infront of a man who is my uncle. I’m now in bra and panty only.

I begged him to leave me, but the man was in a different mood. He now unhooked my bra and opened boobs are taken by him in his hand started to squeeze and he started to suck my nipples, within a few moment I lost all my control and started to moan.

He vigorously squeezed my boobs as he want to remove them from my chest, the pain are becoming sweet. My moans are increasing, he then goes down and removed my panty, now I am completely naked in front of him. then he started to lick my pussy, which becomes with full of juice. He nicely sucking these juices and make me more excited. Now he removed his dress and I saw a rod which is unbelievable long, more then 10 inch. In erected condition.

Seeing this tool I become afraid and prayed him to leave me. He smiled and told me, baby don’t worry, it will make you happy, it is my promise. Then he laid down in bed and lifted me on him and ordered me to suck it. I have seen in BF how girls are lick it, I started to lick, and after while he made the position that in reverse which is called 69 an continuing sucking to each other.

Now I feel more comfortable and he placed me in bed and placed a pillow in my back that is on ass. Now he placed his 10 inch rod in my tiny pussy’s mouth and suddenly he pressed it and I cried out as my pussy is burst, he stopped and bring some gel and apply to my pussy and again I cried out he then stopped and started to suck my tiny nipple. Afterwhile again he pressed and I think more than half entered and due to my crying he stopped and hugged me boldly, kissing my eye, lip, biting my nipples suddenly he gave a thrust and the full entered.

Now he remain still hugging me, after some time he started up and down, in the mean time my pain converted in to joy, slowly he doing the same and after some time he asked me baby how you are feeling? I replied nice. He again kiss me and increase the speed. In this way he continued more then half an hour and lastly he discharged the cream to me and both we slept for a moment.

After that he brought 2 glass of milk taking the milk he again started. Now I’m enjoying more. This evening he fucked me 3 times. Before coming my mother I went to my room after taking bath. That night I could not sleep properly, really I enjoyed so much and waiting for the next morning 9 AM when my mother will left for office. After departure of my mother my uncle come to my room and smiled and asked me how are you? Are you ready for todays game? In reply I told don’t know with a smiling face.

He caught me and lifted me in his arm and entered in his room and laid me in his bed. He started to squeeze my bob without removing my dress. Today myself also bold, and caught his bulge. I removed his lungi, and he removed my dress, today we enjoyed very nicely in different style. We take bath jointly. He fucked me 5 times. In this way our love affair goes for 7 days till the return of my aunt. My uncle told me, that my aunt never acts like me. Actually my uncle and myself both we were too hot. We love sex. Please send me about your comments

My Uncle Fucked Me With My Mom’s Permission First Sex Experience