Sex With My Boss English Sex Story

Sex With My Boss English Sex Story

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Sex With My Boss English Sex Story

Sex With My Boss English Sex Story : Dear readers, This is anupama again with another one incident of my sex adventures. First of all, let me thank you for your valuable comments for my previous stories. This time I wish to share another sex experience which happened at my office with my boss Jay. As I told you, I had many sex experiences with different persons. This is one of the most memorable sex incident in my life. Jay was my boss at my office and I was appointed as his personal secretary. He was very handsome, aged 36, had a very healthy physique. He was married and had no children. His wife was working as a teacher in a public school. At the office, all of the staff had to wear uniforms. 

Most of the time, I was in his cabin, preparing documents and assisting my boss. I was staying in a working women’s hostel that time. I had a uniform, which was a skirt and top, which covers only half my thighs. I was very shy to wear that at the beginning, but got adapted to it very soon. I always watched Jay with admiration, he had a well maintained body. He also used to watch my assets, I knew it but pretended to be unaware of that.

As I was admiring him, I used to fantasize about him when I finger my pussy when I feel so hot at night. Once, when I was narrating a document to him, I was standing very close to him. I noticed that he is looking at my boobs, which were partially visible in my top. When pointing out some clauses to him, my boobs touched his shoulders. Suddenly he hugged me and kissed my boobs. I was stunned.

He smiled at me and said “You are so sexy, anupama” I was a bit nervous by his behavior, but enjoyed his strong hug and kiss. In fact, it turned me on, but I concealed my feelings. He took my hand and kissed it. I was in a dilemma that I resist him as he is my boss, if I readily agree for this, what will he think about me? My brain was full of questions. He requested me to give him a kiss. With hesitation, I kissed him on his cheeks. He stood up and led me to a small cabin and hugged me. He gave me a deep kiss on my lips. I felt his erect cock on my front. “Today my wife is not at home, we can spend this night at my home, ok?” He asked.

I thought for a while. I am a very horny girl and I like to enjoy sex always. Moreover, he was my boss and I was afraid that if I reject, he may find some reason and can terminate me from my job. So I said yes to him. I phoned the hostel and said that I want leave as I am going home urgently. They gave me permission. After office hours, I went with Jay to his home. It was a big Bungalow. Jay opened the door and led me inside. He closed the door and hugged me from back and pressed my big boobs above the top. His hand slipped inside my skirt and rubbed my cunt over my panties.

That act made me horny soon. I unknowingly turned my face and gave him a deep kiss. I felt his erect cock on my ass. My panties began to wet. He slowly inserted his hand inside my panty and touched my soft, shaved wet pussy. Soon, his fingers went into my pussy. We slowly moved to the bedroom. Jay slowly pulled my skirt down and lifted my top up. Meanwhile, I unzipped his pants and removed his shirt.

Jay looked at my sexy body. I saw that his cock is getting hard in his underwear. I pulled it down and saw his beautiful cock. That was almost 9 inches long and was very big. I was dying to suck that big cock of my boss but he hugged me again and kissed me deep on my red lips. He sucked my lips and our tongues twisted. His fingers again entered my honey pot.

I moaned softly as his fingers played with my clitoris. I took his cock in my hand and shook it. It was very hot and I felt its power on my hand. “Don’t shake it too much, honey. I may cum soon” He whispered in my ears. Jay kissed my right boob above my transparent and lacy bra. I like to wear transparent undergarments. At that time, my panty was also transparent.

After our first fuck, Jay gave me five pairs of transparent panties! My nipples got erect soon as Jay rounded his tongue over my nipple. I unhooked my bra and put my boob in his mouth. He played with both my boobs. He sucked it, bites it gently and fondled my boobs with both hands. He never stopped playing with my leaking pussy. I was hot as hell and wanted to suck his monster cock. It was throbbing in my hand. “I want to suck you darling…” I murmured. I kissed him again and moved my face slowly down.

I took his cock in my hand and kissed it from top to bottom. I tasted his pre-cum. I began sucking that big cock slowly. Jay moaned softly. I enjoyed sucking my boss’s cock. I kissed on its red top and bit it gently. I tweaked its top hole with my tongue to which his moans got louder. He put his hand on my head and caressed my hairs. I took it fully in my mouth. It was long as my throat. I took it out and shook, then again sucked.

The sounds made by Jay made me more horny. I knew that he is enjoying my sucking. “Oh my dear, you are taking me to heaven… yes baby, do it fast” Jay cried. I sucked him faster. After a while he said that this is enough and now he wants to eat my pussy. I removed my panty and sat on the sofa and spread my legs wide and my pussy was ready for my boss. Jay knelt before me and kissed my navel. He twisted his tongue inside my navel and I moaned with pleasure.

He fingered my pussy again and kissed it. Slowly, his tongue entered my lubricated crotch. I cried out with enormous pleasure. He put his hands under my ass and dragged my pussy closer to his mouth. His tongue moved in and out in my soft thirsty pussy. Juices were flooding out of it. Jay drank it fully.

His hands were squeezing my boobs in the meantime. The movement of his tongue inside my pussy made me very horny and I wanted to get fucked badly. “Fuck me sweetheart, fuck me please… I want you badly… Please fuck me…” I begged. “Yes baby, I will give you the greatest fuck you ever had, you sexy bitch” “Oh dear, give me that… my pussy is thirsty for your cock… fuck me” “Sweetie I’m coming on you now… I will fuck you the whole night darling…” “Yes dear, we can fuck all the night… fuck my pussy…” I cried. Jay spread my legs wide open.

He put my legs over his shoulder and guided his hot big 9 inch long cock to my pussy. It was little difficult and I cried in pain, but co-operated to show my boss’s cock the way to his loved secretary’s pussy.

With my co-operation, Jay entered his cock inside my pussy and I felt the thrust of his cock inside me. I gave him a sweet kiss and ordered:- “Fuck me now” “Yes honey” Jay moved his waist to and fro, his cock moved in and out my pussy. I cried out loudly with pleasure. His cock was moving fast in and out of my pussy. He laid over me and kissed me. He squeezed my boobs and went on fucking me.

We both were making loud sounds and the room filled with our screams and noise. We both were enjoying our first sex. Jay was very strong and he knows all the ways to satisfy a woman in sex. I haven’t had sex for long time and was starving to get a good fuck. I got hot and hotter as the fucking progressed. “You want to ride upon me, baby?” He asked. “Yes darling, let me try” Jay withdrew his tool from my pussy and lay on the bed. His cock was fully erect and I kissed it once more.

It was fully lubricated as my pussy was very wet. I sucked his balls. He moaned with pleasure. I positioned my pussy over his tool and sat slowly over it with my legs wide spread. I guided his cock inside again. After it went fully in, I laid over him and kissed him. It was the most beautiful moment of our sex. I had my boss’s big and hot cock, fully erect and thrusting inside my lovely pussy.

I remained steady for some time to enjoy that cock filled inside my vagina. I began moving up and down. That was a new experience. Jay pushed his waist up and helped me to get his cock in. “Faster, honey… This is really nice… ohhhhhh… yeah, that way…” “Hmmm dear, I’m fucking you now… aahhhhh…” I rode his cock for a while. It gave me much pleasure than he fucking me. He squeezed my swinging boobs with his hand lying under me. I always like dominance when fucking. Jay withdrew his cock from my pussy and demanded me that he wants doggy style. I was in the peaks of orgasm and I gave permission.

He kissed my ass and tongued my wet pussy again. He entered again from my back. Holding my boobs together and squeezing it, he made his movements fast. In between thrusting his cock into my love hole, he smacked my ass cheeks. I truly enjoyed each moment of his wild fucking. “Dear I’m about to cum… Shall I pour it inside?” He asked. “No honey, I want to drink your milk” I replied. He stood in front of me and I took his cock again in my mouth. After two three minutes, he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and face.

I drank his milk. That was very tasty. We kissed again and hugged tight. We slept for a while. In half sleep, I felt my boss’s hard cock again rubbing at my ass. I woke up and found Jay awake. I gave him a sweet deep kiss. He hugged me tightly, enjoying my tongue and lips. “Darling, I want to fuck you again..” He muttered. I agreed with him, I got on all fours and ordered him to enter my pussy. “No darling, I want your ass this time” He said running his finger across my asshole.

I was hesitant because no one fucked my ass till then and I really wanted to know the pleasure of ass fucking. I reluctantly agreed. He licked my pussy again while fingering my asshole. He told me to relax and all the while he was kissing and caressing my body. Jay applied some gel on his cock and in my ass. He slowly parted my legs and inserted his cock inside my ass slowly and fingered my pussy.

It was very painful and I cried out loudly. He slowly entered his huge cock inside and began moving in and out. It was very painful in the beginning and soon I began enjoying it. He was moving very fast. I cried again. Tears rolled through my cheeks. But it was very much joyful.

He took more time because he had an ejaculation a little while ago. After a while, he again shot his load in my round lovely ass and he withdrew his cock from my ass. We fucked several times that night and I enjoyed each and every session. Jay was the strongest guy I have experienced in my life. After our “First Night” we had so many nights together and each night was a new experience for me.

Even in the office, when I feel horny, I will sit on his lap and lift my skirt up and he will start fucking me. Now too, when his wife is not home, Jay will call me and I go to him to enjoy. Thanks for all readers mailing me. Please send your valuable comments and suggestions..

Sex With My Boss English Sex Story