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Red Light Area in Ajmer – Open Prostitution in Smart City Ajmer

Red Light Area in Ajmer – Open Prostitution in Smart City Ajmer : Ramprasad Ghat, the busy road of the city. Whereas at 10 o’clock the common man is seen to be a stroll, but the night changes with the characters. There is no doubt that they are roaming around and their customers. At the stop, these people are attacked with obscene acts. The special thing is that the police face is not seen anywhere in the infamous Open Prostitution market that runs all night. >> लडकीया सेक्स कर के पैसे कमाना चाहती है वो हम से संपर्क करे Buy and Sell Randi Online

Ramprasad Ghat Ajmer Red Light Area In Ajmer Open Prostitution In Smart City Ajmer

Ramprasad Ghat Ajmer – Red Light Area in Ajmer – Open Prostitution in Smart City Ajmer

At 10.30 pm, unethical activities on the road connecting Ramprasad Ghat and Mahavir Circle are going on. Fake camels in the entrance of the young ladies are warning to stop the drivers. The one who breaks, plays the game of bargaining. The dealer gets along with the alleged dealer. The one who does not get stuck, he has to face the treacherous slurs.

This sequence lasts from late night till 2 pm. Some of the people who are involved in this Open Prostitution movement are also involved in running a two-wheeler in the market every day. Neither the Police Patrol team reaches to prevent this immoral act of walking openly nor does the police station concerned. In such a case the fake shemars continue to spread obscenity on the road by being unkempt.

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On Thursday night, the team noticed worse things in view of the situation of Ram Prasad Ghat Link Road. While negotiating, some maneuvers from the fake kidnappers strained them, then one of them removed his clothes. Seeing the fake kidnapper’s movement, the movement of vehicles stopped on the road. This order lasted till late in the night.

In smart city Ajmer The late night market on Ramprasad Ghat Link Road is the border of two police stations. The link between Ramprasad Ghat and Subhash Garden on Link Road is part of Ganj and Kotwali police station Ajmer. This prevents police from patrolling both the police stations in this area. It is noteworthy that in the past, the accused have been attacked and attacked the police after they were stopped.

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