My Honeymoon First time sex English Sex Story

My Honeymoon First time sex English Sex Story

My Honeymoon First time sex English Sex Story

My Honeymoon First time sex English Sex Story : I’M Liza (24), I’m gonna share my Honeymoon Story with all of you as it was really fantastic and awesome. I thought why not share my happy moments with all of you, It is my true and real erotic story that I going to share with all of you..

Please read very carefully and with feeling….

It was just 17 days, after I got married, I felt myself a very lucky gal as I found a very handsome and decent hubby, John (27). He is really very caring and loving, and is lovable too. last week we went on holidays at Switzerland, where we had planned our First Honeymoon. 

I was a pure virgin, and I haven’t did sex before marriage, I know it could be strange for many of you but that’s the truth as I decided myself to not to sex before marriage. Anyways, what happened actually is,, we stayed at a 5 star hotel, which is specially famous for honeymoon holidays. 

On the very first day in hotel we took some rest, and had a very tasty meal, as we were too tired so we didn’t did anything on that night,
Next morning, I woke up earlier than my hubby and was looking the awesome environment outside the Window of Hotel room,

Then I went near my hubby, he was sleeping, I silently kissed on his chicks, then he got up and looked into my eyes, it was like a huge love in his eyes for me, I smiled then.

On that day we planned to have some shopping’s, After shopping, we went to a good restaurant and ate some quality food, after having lunch we tried some delicious deserts that were really awesome.
After that we came back to hotel room.

My hubby had ordered some ice creams deserts, fresh strawberry and chocolates. After the getting all this from waiter he took a bath, and then we enjoyed a very hot romantic dance, on a soft and romantic track.

When we were dancing then suddenly my husband stopped and started a glaring into my eyes with full of love…
It was like my body is burning high after seeing John’s feeling and love.. My Body got active and a kind of romantic and hot sensation came in my body.

My boobs got tighter and my tits got super hot, tight And Red, they are ready to be pressed and sucked.. There was a kind of romantic and hot feeling inside.

Then suddenly my Hubby had hugged me into his arms tightly and put his lips onto my soft, pink and juicy lips, and started smooching,,, hhhmmmmm aaaahhhhhh uuummmmmm

His tongue were touching my tongue, and then hi started licking and sucking my lips,, that moment I got too much exited and hotty inside, ho whole body got sensation of hot and erotic feeling..
M y pussy got a little wet and it became a little juicy like its ready to be fucked harder.
Hhh,,,, aaaahhhmmmm aaaaahhmmm uuuummm yeeeehhhhhhhhhhh

My pussy was like out of my control,  Then I touched His penis, his dick was very awesome, tight and hard, like a steel rod with rubber covered,
It was in its form. And was ready to attack on my juicy hot pussy….

When I touched his dick, I said ,…. Ohhhh my godddd. It’s really very tasty, I can taste it ,, please…………….???

My hubby said yess,, honey.,, sure
Then I started licking his dick, like a lollypop. Actually it was really very taste than I thought to be.
I sucked that dick so nicely, it was like warm feeling inside my pussy..

Then He caught me into his lap and came to the bed, he left me on the bed, and then removed my cloths,  First he removed my top and skirt, and then pressed my boobs slowly slowly, aaahhmmm ummmmmm yeehhhhhhhhhhhh ohh my god…… aahhmmmmmmm  Common honey, kiss me, lick me, ohhh yeehhhhh suck my hot boobs,

Then he removed my bra and panty.. My nude body was like a river of volcano,, so hot… and seducing … My juicy tasty pussy got more RED…

Then I removed his all clothes, His penis was really looking so much attractive and interesting,… Then suddenly hi put his mouth on my boobs and started licking and sucking harder.. aahhhh mmmm ahm ahm ahm ahmm yeehhhhhh
Suck my boobs , press my milk ,, fuck me honey, yeehh

Then he put his mouth on my pussy and touched it with his tongue……. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it was really really an awesome moment in my life,, Then he started licking it so much,  My pussy got too much exited and seductive,,,
My pussy was ready to take it,, a lot.. He played a lot with my hot and juicy tight and new virgin pussy, he licked it a lot

Then I tasted his penis, I did a fanstastic blowjob, his dick was very tasty and interesting.. and it was too much enjoyable…

Then finally he put his tight and hard dick into my hot , tight and Red virgin pussy, Ahhhhhhhhhhm ahhm ahhm ahhmm ohhh myyy god, It was a bit painful initially and I got some blood too, but later on it was interesting and enjoyable, like I’m in the heaven, and enjoying the best moment of my life…

Then he increased the frequency and started fucking my harder,… up down, up down,, and so on, we enjoyed, many poses Then After some shots, I got cum  Ohhh it was really a heaven like feeling.. that moment was the lost of my virginity, And I Can forget it in whole of my life..

Then he started pressing and sucking my boobs, and smooching me, and fucking harder and speedy… Aaaahh yeehhhhhhhh uuummmmmmmmmm honey I love you a lot, yyyyhhhh fuck me harder……. Aahh  And then  After some shots he got cum too… He ejaculated some tasty, white and hot thick liquid ,,, it was amazing..

And after having a wonderful sex we got sleep nude, and in the morning I woke and prepared coffee for him,,, We enjoyed our coffee together with love.. Dear guys it was my real erotic story, I hope you must liked it.. Probably will share some more moments in future too ! Take care.. Love your partner

My Honeymoon First time sex English Sex Story