First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories

First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories

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First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories : Hi All. I am a daily follower of Human Digest. I am a great fan of it and like the stories very much. My name is Abhishek. I would like to share my first sex experience with you all. So here it begins.

The like a girl in the office I work. She is in the same project with me. She is damn hot and sexy. I have a very good friendship with her and I wished that our friendship should move forward but I always stepped back thinking I may loose a friend. I always admired her and wished to have sex with her. (First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories) When she comes to the office in jeans top, I could not control my penis to get erected, so I have to go to the washroom to make it cool down.

I was seeking a chance to make love with her. So one day, It was bright sunny day, when our manager asked both of us to stay back in the office late and complete the pending work as delivery date of the project was approaching. I told my manager dat I don’t have any problem but it would not be safe for her to stay back late. She said she can stay back as I was also staying. That was a jackpot..

It was 7 in the evening when almost every person left the office and only two of us were left. She was working and I was not able to concentrate on my work. I kept my eyes on her boobs and was watching them. She saw me doing that. I showed like I was doing nothing and was thinking of something.

We completed our work by around 11:30 in the night and booked a cab to go back home. The cab driver told he will reach there in 30 minutes. (First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories) We started a conversation to pass the time. We were having a nice talk when the driver called me and gave a superb news that he is out of diesel and will be late in coming, said that it will take around 1 more hour to reach, I asked her wat to do.

She said ok we will wait. It was chilling outside so we decided to sit inside the office and talk there. We sat opposite to each other and continued our conversation. Now I slowly shifted the conversation to married life(arranged or Love). I asked her opinion and she answered love marriage.

Then to my shock she asked me, Y were you staring at my boobs at that tym.. I was quite and did not answer. Then she switched our convo to Sex Life.. It was making me loose my control and I got up and gave her a kiss. She resisted and pushed me back and said wat r u doing? I said sorry and sat back on my chair. She started laughing and I liked ur lips..

Then she stood up and came to me and started kissing me like hell.. I was on the seventh heaven.. I supported her and french kissed her for sometime. this made by dick to erect and it was uncomfortable inside. I started pressing her boobs over the top and she started moaning.. Then I removed her top and her boobs were in front of my face like fresh mangoes.

I released them from her bra and started licking one while pressing the other. She was moving her hand in my hair. I took out whole milk from her boobs as much as I can. She was completely turned on and now I directed my one hand into her jeans to reach her pussy. OMG.. She was wet and dripping like water flowing from tap. It started rubbing her pussy and playe with her clit.

She was moaning like hell and was making sexy sounds. By then she took my dick out of the jail and started giving me a hand job. I pulled down her jeans, She was wearing a sexy purple color panty and was looking damn sexy in that panty. I removed her panty as well and started rubbing my finger on her vagina…

Then I inserted my index finger into her tight pussy and she shouted with pain. I slowly started fingering her and she started enjoying it… I gave her my dick to suck it.. (First time sex with office girl – English Sex Story – Adult Stories) She started to suck my cock. She was sucking it so nicely and took my whole dick in her mouth. she gave me a good. Then I was ready to give her a nice fuck. When I turned her to position my dick on her pussy.

She asked me to fuck her slowly as she was a virgin and have not taken anything inside before. Listening to that I remembered that I have hair oil in my back pack as I was going regular gym. I applied oil on my dick and put some in her pussy. Then I kept my dick on her pussy and tried to insert it. Her pussy was so tight.

I slowly inserted my 1/3 penis inside her and she shouted like hell. To make her quite I lip locked her and started giving her a smooch and inserted my whole dick inside in one hard stroke. She hold my back so tightly that she scratched my body with her nails. Then I slowly started moving my dick in and out to give her a nice fuck.

When I was about to come, I holded and sucked her boobs and kissed her whole body. Then I fucked her hardly for the next 5 minutes and came in her vagina and hugged her n sat in that position for sometime. I took out my dick out and saw dat she was telling truth, it was full of blood. I took my hanky and cleaned all the blood from her pussy and my dick.

Then we passionately kissed each other and I thanked her for that. It was around 12:30 by then and I called the driver once again to confirm in how much tym he is coming. he said he is on the way and will be there in 30 mins. Listening to that she asked me to tongue fuck her pussy and make her come.

That was a work of honor for me. I positioned my face between her legs and started licking her pussy. The taste and smell of her pussy was so strong and damn sexy. The whole room was filled with that smell. I licked her until she said she is about to come. then I inserted one finger and licked.

She was moaning and moaning…… I was rubbing her clit and fucking her with my tongue and she shouted here I cum…. And she squirted her cum all over me. I cleaned all of that with my tongue. Her cum was like exilir of life.. and again I kissed her and pressed her boobs like hell.

I asked her to wear her clothes and I did mine and went down to the gate and waited for the cab.. The cab arrived and we both sat on the back seat and left the office. she thanked me such dat only I listened and said dat today she lost her virginity.. To her surprise I told her that not only u lost it dear. I was also a virgin 2 hrs back.

She smiled at me and lip locked me in front of the cab driver and we kissed each other the whole way back to her place. The driver was also enjoying the scene through the back mirror.. I dropped her to her place and left for my place with the cab driver. So friends, this was my first sex experience and hoped u enjoyed the story. Please do give ur comments on my post..