It was a hot day and a friend had invited me to eat at his house. We had known each other for many years, although we had not seen each other for a long time due to work situations. So I woke up early that day, I was nervous. I got in the shower, to clear my head a little. I turned on the tap and went underneath, completely naked. The water ran through my body as I closed my eyes and thought about how my friend and I had met.

The truth is that it was because of an Skokka hot Liverpool Escorts. A very beautiful woman and the one I wanted to be my girlfriend at that time. Her image was formed in my mind in a very clear way. Long legs, tight clothes, dark eyes, long hair… In the meantime my soapy hands were running over every inch of my body and when I wanted to realize it I was very excited. My cock had grown and was hard. Since I knew I had time, I decided to indulge myself.

I closed my eyes again to fantasize better about this woman. As my hand went up and down around my dick. It was not the first time that I masturbated thinking about her, her body, her look… Everything invited pleasure. The hand that remained free, went around my chest, imagining that it was hers. This made me even more excited and made me finish and cum right away.

I got out of the shower much more relaxed, so I got ready and headed off to see my friend. What I didn’t expect when I arrived was that his daughter, about 19 years old, would be there. I hadn’t seen her in a while and she had grown up so well. She was very pretty, especially with those shorts and tight T-shirt she was wearing.


Once at the table, the surprises continued because I began to notice how this delicious young lady did not stop looking at me while smiling. I gave a little jump when something started rubbing my leg, slowly going up. I soon guessed it was her and tried to hide it as best I could. Scenes of porn videos began to run through my mind, in which young girls were secretly seducing older men. I had had some great times watching those videos. Even though I knew that most of them were starring actors and Ahmedabad Escorts, it was still very exciting.

Almost without wanting or being very aware, my pants got tighter. She seemed to find the situation very amusing. Getting like this, while doing my best not to let my friend notice.

But it didn’t end there, she bent down to pick something up from the floor, taking advantage of the opportunity to get between my legs and with her hands release the bump between my legs. I didn’t know if I was more nervous or excited, but I wanted her. She put my penis in her mouth, thus putting my best actor’s face to the test. I had to admit that he made a very delicious oral.

Although it had to be quick as her absence from the table was already beginning to be noticed. When she got up, I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. I needed to finish what she had started before anyone noticed. But when I was about to masturbate to finish, with my pants already around my ankles, someone knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer, opened it.

It was she who, smiling, asked me if I needed help. I continued not to believe what I was experiencing, I was unable to respond. So she continued with her initiative and knelt down before me, taking my dick in her hands and putting it back in her mouth. I simply let go, grabbed her by the hair and pushed her deeper.

After a minute she got up, pulled down her pants, sat down by the sink and opened her legs, inviting me. I, seduced and very excited, didn’t even think about it, I approached her and began to penetrate her. I wanted to hear her moan for me, to make her mine. It felt very narrow and was very wet. God, it felt so good that I couldn’t stop. I picked up the pace as I took off her shirt to suck on her nipples.


I almost forgot that my friend was so close and we couldn’t make any noise but that made it almost more exciting. Her soft skin, her slim body, her look and her lips… I took my time to observe her well and grope her as much as I could. I knew I was going to dream about that encounter for a long time. A difficult fantasy to fulfill that was now becoming completely real.

Before ejaculating, I made her kneel again to end up on her face. I finished masturbating while she looked into my eyes with her mouth open. It was pure morbidity and desire. Just as good as any beautiful Brisbane escorts. I controlled the orgasm as best I could and enjoyed the view. She simply winked at me, kissed me, got dressed, washed her face and left the bathroom.

I sighed, I was exhausted, did this really just happen? I still couldn’t believe it, so I cleaned up, got dressed again as best I could and went out to see my friend. The rest of the encounter continued normally. Although in my mind the image of the bathroom and her naked body remained as I penetrated it.

Finally, I said goodbye to my friend, back home, telling him that I hoped to return soon, especially if his daughter was there too.

Fdo.: Deborah Salas