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A Slave Known as Daisy Pt. 01 – 18+ Adults Handiest A Slave Known as Daisy Pt. 01 – Juicy Intercourse Tales English Intercourse Memoir – Nude Pictures – Grownup Tales and Tubby HD Porn Videos

A Slave Known as Daisy Pt. 01 – 18+ Adults Handiest A Slave Known as Daisy Pt. 01 – Juicy Intercourse Tales English Intercourse Memoir – Nude Pictures – Grownup Tales and Tubby HD Porn Videos. A Slave Known as Daisy Pt. 01 – Juicy Intercourse Tales English Intercourse Memoir – English Intercourse Memoir Intercourse Memoir in English – Grownup Tales – English Intercourse Memoir | Intercourse Memoir in English – Grownup Tales

Authors Show masks: No one in this memoir is underage. The most significant personality is eighteen years ragged.


Steady as the solar began to position of residing, Masta Kingsley came riding up on his extensive sunless stallion. Upon his arrival, Mama like a flash ushered Pa and me out of the hut. Hours had handed since Pa stormed off so I made up my tips it was once simplest to take a seat down advance the lake, with my toes within the water.

I knew why Pa was once angry; the presence of Masta Kingsley made his blood boil. I knew what the industry was once that Ma conducted with Masta Kingsley; Masta was once fucking my mama. How might possibly I no longer? After Masta Kingsley would fade, I would advance aid to the hut and be greeted with a solid archaic scent. This scent was once something I would smelled earlier than. Leisurely at evening when Ma and Pa notion I was once sleep, in our runt one room hut, I would hear Pa grunting and glimpse him transferring on top of Ma. In return I would hear Ma moaning and a sloppy moist sound at any time when Pa moved. I knew Pa was once over there fucking Ma, factual love I soon learned Masta Kingsley was once fucking Ma.

Masta Kingsley perceived to be in there longer than standard. My abdominal was once beginning to cramp, begging for dinner. I made up my tips to whisk take a miniature peek within the window to behold what was once taking so lengthy. I crouched alongside the yard and hoped I did now not forged a shadow within the window. I stood on top of the scrubbing stone and rose up slowly.

The most significant thing I saw was once Masta Kingsley’s tight tanned ass. I was once mesmerized with what I saw; he was once plowing into mama with a extensive tempo. I watched the system his balls slapped against mama’s pussy with every thrust. Mama’s legs had been raised up high within the air alongside with her toes curled.

“P-please Masta”, she cried.

Mama began to shake violently and next thing I knew, a gush of fluids shot out of her.

Masta Kingsley wasted no time in flipping Mama over. The sheer gaze of the moon pierced by the window nearby and illuminated the juices that laid at the depraved of his penis, serene buried within the mass of curled hair. I peeked over the window more, in a contrivance mesmerized by the rhythmic squelch of their mixed fluids.

With my eyes mounted on their motions I felt a convincing ache deep interior my abdominal. It wasn’t a hunger pang but… I bit my lip as I saw Mama’s ass bouncing on the thrusts of Masta Kingsley. The immediate glimpses of his gentle penis endured to feed the ache interior me. I with out observe felt something moist trickle down my leg. Lifting my costume I touch the moist trail on my leg curiously.

“Sticky”, I voice as I rub the mysterious substance between my fingers.

My eyes put together up the trail and glimpse that it be coming from my pussy. I spread my lips open, revealing its red insides. A streak begins up and takes relieve of my publicity and I beginning to tremble. Serene holding my costume up I behold aid up by the window. I beginning to mediate aid to a trick my buddy Anne confirmed me earlier than.

“Hear Daisy, men are grasping dogs. They only care about pretty themselves. Us females needed to learn to please ourselves so we developed this blueprint,” Anne preached.

I listened and looked tentatively that day. Nonetheless I by no system had the nerve to take a behold at what she taught me till now. Searching at Anne buck around the barn that day, I did now not realize how a girl might possibly in actuality feel such pleasure till now. Taking a behold at mama now riding on top of Masta, I took my true hand and commenced to caress the bud between my lips. I felt a pool of heat constructing in my belly.

“Coat your fingers with your juice and utilize that as lubricant to receive your fingers interior your pussy,” lectured Anne.

Rubbing my pointer finger in my wetness I squat down a miniature and verify out to hurry it in. After a pair of tries I lastly accumulate the true area and my pussy accepts it snuggly. Slowly I pull my finger interior and outside. Rubbing my bud and fingering myself, my breath turns into shallow. It feels love my pussy is getting tighter and tighter. I’m able to hear my juices and beginning to whisk sooner. I mediate aid to how I saw Mama gushing. I want to end that too. I in actuality feel something raise interior. I create no longer know what it is miles but it feels factual. Maybe here is what Anne known as…an orgasm. I’m so shut, I create no longer know what’s happening but I do know I’m shut.

“What within the hell end you mediate you doing,” someone shouts.

Steady earlier than I might possibly hit my peak, I flip and accumulate Pa standing true within the aid of me. I fight to fix my garments.

“P-pa I-I wasn’t… it wasn’t what it looked love,” I plead with tears in my eyes.

Pa stumbles forward in the direction of me making me aid up against the wall of the hut.

“Now not what it looked love?” he questions. “Effectively it seems love you was once digger for gold in that sunless cunt of yours!”

“I’m sorry Pa, I’m sorry. Please create no longer thunder Mama,” I plead quietly. I pray that Masta and Ma create no longer hear us.

Pa stares at me with vacant eyes; I mediate he’s inebriated. He is standing so shut to me that I’m able to scent alcohol on his garments.

“Be serene now or else Ma will accumulate out,” he threatens.

I beginning to nod my head in response and was once about to take a a celebratory deep breath when Pa with out observe began to unfasten his belt.

“Pa what are you…, I’m slapped earlier than I’m able to achieve my sentence.

Pa’s pants relish dropped to the ground now and earlier than me is a colossal sunless cock. I strive and whisk away but he snatches me by my hair and pulls me shut.

“Form as I order Daisy and Mama received’t accumulate out. Now open your fucking mouth.”

I open my mouth slowly and in comes Pa. He thrusts straight in with out a warning and I gag straight.

“Suck it,” he orders.

I significant to shout, I significant to withstand, but I ain’t want Mama or Masta to listen to. Both regarded as one of them would kill me for spying, so I obeyed. I by no system sucked earlier than, I wasn’t t definite what to end. I started to bob my head aid and forth, swirling my tongue around the pinnacle. His coarse pubic hair happy my nostril and it held a archaic scent. At any time when I slowed he’d grabbed me by the hair and beginning fucking my face. My eyes had been watery, my nostril was once working, my saliva had dropped on my costume setting up a astronomical moist patch and my jaw was once sore.

“Lay down now!,” he commanded.

I laid down like a flash thankful for the damage my mouth obtained. Pa yanked my costume and snatched my panties off. I was once so apprehensive of what Pa was once going to end that couldn’t keep in touch. All I might possibly end was once shiver within the grime. He took my moist panties and caught them in my mouth.

“Scrutinize at your cunt. Or no longer it is love you a damn river. I bet you’d tase factual love your mom,” he whispered wickedly.

I started shaking my head furiously begging him with his eyes to fade me on my own. Nonetheless he no longer successfully-known me and hurried his face between my legs. I was once blissful for the panties in my mouth now since the speak I let out would had been loud. Pa took his tongue and flicked my miniature bud and I might possibly perchance now not befriend but arch off the ground, shoving myself closer to him. He then moved down extra, licking at my entrance. I beginning to whisk my palms in an strive and push him away but he provides me a behold as if intrepid me to interrupt.

“Recount these palms of yours and unbutton your costume now,” he growls out earlier than going aid to his meal.

With trembling palms I unbutton the costume like a flash. He then slaps my palms out the system and grabs my breasts and squeezes them laborious. Pa began pinching my nipples and sucking on my bud at the same time and I started getting sizzling. I in actuality feel love I significant to pee and tried to fight my system away from him but he factual pulled me closer. I arched off the ground and factual love Mama, liquid gushed out of me and all the contrivance by Pa’s face. I convulsed on the ground, overlaying my mouth.

“Gusher factual love your mama. Now for the explicit enjoyable,” he grinned.

Pa pulls me out of my fetal area and aid on my aid. He spreads my legs and I glimpse him reaching for his cock. I snatch the panties out my mouth apprehensive.

“Pa, no! Please create no longer end this, I’m your daughter,” I divulge by tears.

He places his hand on my mouth and smiles. “No, I’m no longer,” and then he thrusts into me.

I shout into his hand and commenced hitting at his chest. It hurts, it hurts so ghastly. Nonetheless below the ache, there might possibly be a miniature little bit of enjoyment. I’m able to’t give into it.

“Your Mama is a liar and a cheat. I’m no longer your daddy. I had no piece in making you,” he confesses as he gets rid of his hand from mouth.

“W-who?,” I whimper out.

“Ain’t it clearly. Kingsley is your daddy. He a ni**** loving white man. He is been popping out here for years to fuck your whore of a mom,” he answers.

My palms clench into fists. I’m able to’t think Mama has been lying to me all these years.

He chucked at my angered expression, “Oh and that is the reason no longer all. You already know your mama is planning to sell you to Kingsley in alternate in case your freedom.”

I behold at him and I’m able to thunder he’s no longer joking. I in actuality feel so empty. I’m laying here within the grime with a man who I notion was once my father for the closing eighteen years pounding into me and interior my mom his fucking Masta Kingsley… my precise father. So here is the factual feeling of slavery. That is my reason in existence, to be fucked with. Then nice looking, I would as successfully revel in it.

“Extra difficult,” I dispute and wrap my legs around him.

He begins thrusting his colossal cock into me. It was once hurting earlier than but understand it felt extensive. It almost stuffed the outlet interior of me that was once created by my mom’s betrayal. I might possibly hear the moist sounds my pussy angry at any time when he depended on in. I loved hear my juices. I loved the notion that I was once fucking true below my mom’s and precise father’s noses. I wish they’d advance out here and glimpse us. Scrutinize they property laid out within the grime love a whore taking a colossal cock in her pussy.

“I’m about to cum,” he growls out and it seems love he’s about to pull out.

“No, fade it in. Cum in me! Cum in my fucking cunt!

He smiles like a flash, pushes my legs up in the direction of my head and vitality fucks me. My astronomical breasts bounces wildly and my gets wetter. Outdated to lengthy, with some deep thrusts he empties his load in me and I clench my pussy, milking him dry.

“Smooth up. They ought to serene be carried out soon,” he instructs and then disappears.

I am going and rinse of within the lake like a flash, dry and redress factual in time to behold Masta Kingsley living the hut. He jumps on his horse and rides into the moon gentle. I heard residence. As soon as I advance by the door I glimpse Mama opened the window in an strive and air out the scent of sex but I’m able to serene scent it. There’s also a moist stain on the ground boards from when I saw her gush our that liquid.

Mama sees me staring at the moist area, “Something hideous Daisy?”

“On no yarn,” I snap.

“Daisy Anne Marie, I create no longer know what’s your mission but you better tone it down miniature girl,” she retorts. “Now, whisk pack your bags. You going somewhere the next day to come.”

“Where?” I quiz.

“Masta Kingsley equipped you from Masta Peters. You going to have a tendency to his fresh better half,” she responds.

So he was once true. Mama did sell me. With a straight face, I pack my sack and lay down on my mat within the corner. I create no longer bother to relish dinner and I refuse to keep in touch for the the relaxation of the evening. At some level I hear “pa” advance residence and him and ma fuck love nothing ever took place. I shut my eyes and verify out to ignore them.

I’m with out observe woken with a rough shake, the solar is coming in intellectual.

“Upward push up girl. Masta is here.”

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