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I’ve mentioned before that absence makes the heart grow fonder in terms of collegiate themes in fashion, but I think I’ve really outdone myself with this look. The more time I spend outside of school, the more effort I put into looking like I belong there sartorially. Need proof? This outfit. A white blouse buttoned straight up to the neck is WAY too conservative for summer, but apparently I don’t care! I can’t stop reaching for it while deliberating over outfit ideas. Might actually reach that point where my right hand is inching ever nearer to the plaid skirts and fitted blazers while my left hand is slapping at it maniacally, frenzied in its attempt to curb my schoolgirl obsession. Yes, the part of my brain that controls critical fashion decisions has gotten way too good at manipulating my body parts into doing its dirty work. Hello, superego! Could you PLEASE forward the memo that “preppy” and “summertime” do NOT mix? My id needs a gentle reminder, thanks! Don’t shoot the messenger.


Double breasted blazer – Lola Blanc’s frock swap


White blouse – Romwe (the shopping mecca for inexpensive staple items!)

Belt – Brighton

Plaid skirt – YES STYLE

Loafers – Pink & Pepper

Alas, I get to talk about my new shoes. Loafers. But not just any loafers – patent LEATHER loafers with a glossy sheen, oval toe box, and classic ruffle. Oh yeah, it’s called “The Ruffle.” That title is TOO fitting, shoe designer! And it reminds me of potato chips. I say that like it’s a bad thing, but really… any article of clothing that pays accidental homage to snack food is like, a godsend. These shoes know what’s up (crisp, high-sodium potato medallion with tasty ridges and a flavor complementary to sour cream and onion dip – see: Honey We Shrunk Ourselves.) You can browse the rest of Pink & Pepper’s shoe collection on DSW or buy a pair of these goody-two-shoes right here!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Mini Skirt XXX pic Sexy Short Skirt School Girls Photo – Mini Skirt Teenage Girls