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How to test ovulation Ovulation test kit result confusion

Ovulation test kit result confusion : Hi all I am Gayatri from India and I am 27 yrs old. I am trying to concieve from past ,4 months but coz I am having Polycstic ovaries and thyroid I have vry much irregular periods and so always count ny ovulation days wrong and not able to concieve.

How to test ovulation Ovulation test kit result confusion

Ovulation Test Kit Result Confusion

How to test ovulation Ovulation test kit result confusion : Since now I am taking my regular metformin tablets my periids are somewhat regular but still it is like once it happens in 25 days , once in 35 days and one time in 40 days. It is like I dnt uderstand then how to exactly count my ovulatiin days.
So I have started to takr ovulation test now and as per the instructions I took the test at around 1 p.m without drinking any water for past 2 hours.
It is my 13 th day after my last period so mostly I should have started ovulating now. Anyhow I am vry confused with the result of the kit.
Someone please help me in telling what is d result negative or positive. I feel that both T and C lines are equal sometimes and sometimes it feels as if C band is daker which means negative. Please let me know what wd b d reult based on the PIC I upload

How to test ovulation Ovulation test kit result confusion : Hey everyone in feeling pretty down because I was sure id ovulated yesterday after 4 days of pos opks and I just retested to see what it says and there’s a line again…it’s not a positive but it’s there and from it to go from no line to a line again has confused me. I’d really appreciate if anyone could have a nosey at my pic and give me any advice at all on why the tests are doing this? The bottom test is the one I did tonight and the others are for each previous day. (I’ve inly been doing one test a day) thankyou xxxx

I had bad luck with First Response (never got a positive, definitely ovulated)
Bad luck with Answer Brand (false positives, no ovulation)
I then tried a cheap internet brand which gave me perfectly clear positives.
You should NOT switch in the middle of a cycle though!
Most brands have their own levels so it can be confusing if you switch. Also, the brand that works best for one woman won’t always work best for the next.

You should be testing late-morning to early afternoon. If you test first thing or in the evenings you may miss it.
Your pee should be concentrated (held for at least 2-4 hours with minimal fluid intake)

Your periods are irregular so you just might not have ovulated yet. Stick it out with this brand.

If you want to try them on another cycle, one huge benefit to the internet ones (besides price and the fact that they worked best for me) is that you can buy as many as you want, you can buy strips or mid-stream sticks. I used to test 2 times a day, so I’d buy some mid-streams so I could sneak the test at work, then use the dip strips for when I got home from work. If you don’t use them all, they can be used next cycle.. unlike the store brands that package them all together and say they have to be used within 30 days.

I use ovia fertility app to help pin point when I’m in my fertile window and which 2 days are the best to conceive. I’m in my fertile window now with the best 2 days to conceive being Friday 20th and Saturday 21st. I took an ovulation test last night but it was negative, if the app is correct will I only get a positive on Friday/Saturday or do you get positives leading up to your 2 most fertile days, if so I’m thinking that I may not actually be ovulating through my cycle Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated x…

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