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Adult SEO Tricks to Increase Porn Site Traffic

Adult SEO Tricks to Increase Porn Site Traffic : Ready to launch your own porn site? Are you concerned about traffic and backlinks? In this case, adult SEO is a must! Once your website is up and running, it needs quality traffic. If no one visits your sites, it won’t generate income.

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Adult sites drive more traffic each month than Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon combined. This year, a quarter of a billion users are expected to access porn content from mobile devices.

The adult niche has a huge potential, but it’s oversaturated. The only way to stand out is to provide quality content and have a solid SEO plan.

The Challenges of Adult SEO

Adult sites have unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization.

First of all, this niche is highly competitive. In 2011, 12 percent of all websites were pornographic. This number has only increased over the years.

Secondly, the links from adult websites are not welcome on traditional sites, such as most web directories and social networks.

Webmasters have a hard time finding pay-per-click programs that allow porn sites. Thus, it can be difficult to get traffic and online exposure.

The key to adult SEO is to research and use relevant keywords, invest in premium content, and build quality backlinks. Here are some tips to help you out:

Choose Long Tail Keywords for Adult SEO

Most people who visit adult sites search for specific phrases. They don’t just type “porn” into their favorite search engine.

Depending on the theme of your site, research the most relevant keyword. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think about what words or phrases he would use the find the content you’re offering.

Go for long tail keywords with a high search volume and low competition. Use keyword variations to increase your chances of being found in search results.

Focus on Onsite SEO

Next, optimize your pages for the targeted keywords. Include those keywords in the header text, page address, content, and meta data.

Onsite adult SEO is crucial to your success. When done right, it can boost your rankings and drive massive traffic.

Optimize Your Images for good Adult SEO

Porn sites feature lots of photos depicting adult actors and actresses. However, images alone won’t drive traffic.

People might not be able to find your photos unless they are optimized for the search engines. Use your keywords in the image titles and ALT text.

For best results, add a keyword-rich description to each image or gallery. Make sure the content flows smoothly and provides value to the reader.

Build Quality Links for Adult SEO

Connect with other webmasters in the adult niche. Offer to write a guest post on their sites. You can also post a review on your website and ask them to link back.

Find a product designed for porn enthusiasts. Consider the Whizzinator XXX, for instance. Use Whizzinator in your review. Or you can write a Top 10 post and mention this product.

Contact the webmaster and let him know about the post. Depending on your preferences, you can do it before or after publishing the content. Kindly ask for a link back to your site.

Focus on quality, not quantity. It’s better to have 10 backlinks from high-authority sites than hundreds of links from spammy websites.

Go Mobile – Adult SEO

Responsive design is a ranking factor. Google and other search engines favor mobile-friendly sites.

Thus, it’s essential to optimize your site for mobile devices. Avoid Java or Flash, use drop-down menus, and keep the layout simple.

Reduce the content on your pages by using scrolling menu bars. Choose large fonts that don’t require zooming in. Refrain from using pop-up windows.

Use Redbot, Webpagetest, and other testing tools to check website speed and overall performance. Your pages should be easy to navigate and load quickly on mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

While there are many other ways to promote a site, it all becomes harder when you’re working in the porn niche. Adult SEO requires a different approach than traditional optimization.

Start with the basics and keep experimenting until you figure out what works best in your niche. Build a strong social presence by posting on forums and connecting with adult webmasters.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in this niche? How would you promote an adult website? Drop a line below!

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